SR9009 (Stenabolic) Review – How Good Or Bad Is It?

Stenabolic, which is the other name for SR9009, is a synthetic drug that was purposed to study circadian rhythm. The research that was done on a mouse indicates that this drug can help you deal with anxiety, reduce cholesterol, and help us lose weight.

Similar results can be achieved by simply working out daily. Right? This is because SARM helps you improve your overall health and endurance.

But since human beings haven’t been tried for the SR9009 drug, the possible side effects are still not known.

How Does SR9009 work?

As I know, the SR9009 does not come from the SARM’s family. Let me interest you in the composition of the SR9009.

Our body works as per the circadian rhythm. There is a 24-hour window within which all this happens. But you will be amazed to know that there is a loop mechanism that is tasked for maintaining the circadian rhythm. It is the way to turn genes on or off.

For example, when BMAL1 and CLOCK genes are turned on, they trigger CRY and PER. These, in turn, switch off the BMAL1 and CLOCK to reset the bi-hourly cycle.

A protein called REV-ERBs turns off the BMAL1. These are the ones responsible for the internal clock of our bodies. And these REV-ERBs are initiated by the heme group that is composed of tiny compounds that are rich in iron.

Naturally, they are throughout our bodies and present in different forms such as red blood cells. So, Stenabolic does the job of enhancing REV-ERB’s activities and is also known for its bioavailability.

What Are The Benefits?

I find it important to understand the benefits that SR9009 brings to the table:

Increased Endurance

A study was conducted on mice that indicated a significant increase in endurance levels when they were dosed with SR9009 for over 30 days. There is evidence that the mice could run longer distances for greater periods.

This test also found that Stenabolic represses autophagy genes, which results in a higher number of mitochondria in muscle cells.

Reduced Blood Cholesterol

Another study done on mice showed that if this is taken for a period of a week to 10 days, the total triglyceride and cholesterol levels could be reduced.

Not just this, but another similar study indicated that SARM could also bring down bad cholesterol and triglyceride without doing any harm to the good cholesterol. This mouse was dosed with SR9009 for eight weeks.

Protection from Heart Disease

Scientists fed SR9009 to a group of genetically different mice that had hardened arteries for about seven weeks. Once the trial period was over, they noticed decreased blood vessel lesions in those mice.

And this happened even though the mice maintained the same body weight, food intake and had the same body fat levels.

So, I believe that when Stenabolic is taken for over 28 days, it is beneficial for our hearts. It improves the heart function in both normal and genetically modified mice.

Interestingly, some mice were given experimentally induced heart growth. And then when they were exposed to SR9009, it decreased the size and weight of the heart without bringing any difference to the blood pressure levels of the mice. Isn’t that impressive?

Decreased Inflammation

Another test done on rats proved the fact that TNF-Alpha is produced in lower quantities. SR9009 decreased their lunch inflammation and also reduced inflammatory nerve cell molecules in them.

Gives You More Energy

As SR9009 impacts the REV-ERB cycle, it is understandable that it is also related to our sleep-wake patterns too. But, these only lasted for shorter amounts of time like 12 hours.

Also, mice that were injected with SR9009 at night seemed to not affect at all. However, the story of the daytime is different. When they were given a dosage of SR9009 in the daytime, the mice reflected high energy levels and increased their activities.

But the crucial point to take note of here is that these mice were programmed such that they slept during the day. This indicates that Stenabolic is affecting the sleep-wake cycles.

Now if you are wondering why someone would want to take a drug to disturb their sleep cycle, I can tell you one simple application. Many people must work in shifts (night workers) or travelers who have to travel at night and rest during the day. SR9009 can give them control over their sleep pattern and prove to be a boon for them.

Brings Down Tissue Damage (Fibrosis)

Some mice were given scarring on their livers. And then upon giving the SR9009 for two weeks, it was observed that it worked as a treatment and also brought down the tissue damage.

Helps with Anxiety

When mice were given two doses of SR9009 for a period of 3 to 10 days, they experienced decreased levels of anxiety, which was visible from their calm behavior.

So, as we can see SR9009 has a lot of benefits already, and this drug can go very far.

How Does Stenabolic Maximize Fat Loss?

Because Stenabolic is fat-soluble, it can be easily consumed with food. The best and easiest way to take this thing is by taking three doses of 10 mg each spread throughout the day. This means we can take it with our breakfasts, lunches, and dinners.

Since this has got to do with the betterment of our bodies, I suggest this to be taken with pre-workout meals to gain best results.

Experts of this industry recommend taking Stenabolic with Cardarine because this helps us achieve maximum amount of fat oxidation. This works in the following manner:

  • Cardarine gives a subtle trickle of fat oxidation through the day
  • Stenobolic helps to hike the fat oxidation during our workout

The best way to consume this is to take about 10 mg of Stanabolic along with pre-workout meals and 20 mg of Cardarine with the morning breakfast. Friendly tip – Stenabolic is best only taken on days when we workout and not every day.

What Is The Dosage Like?

Since the drug hasn’t been tested yet on humans, the only dosage about mice is currently known. The research that included the mice suggests a dosage of 100 mg per kg.

As per the famous bodybuilding forums online, humans should take doses of anywhere between 10-40 mg, thrice a day. Also, since there is no scientific proof of any effects, Stenabolic might have if consumed orally.

Can We Stack SR9009?

Yes, you can either take this drug on its own or stack it up with some other supplement too. Some say that stacking SR9009 with 50 mg of Winstrol every day can boost efforts while the cutting phase is on.

Others say that if you stack it with 300 to 400 mg of Equipoise every week helps in building endurance.

If we stack ten mgs of RAD 140 with ten mgs of LGD-4033, it could become an awesome body recomp.

Is There Any Difference Between Stenabolic and Cardarine?

There is not much difference between these two drugs except for the fact that their half-lives are different. While Stenabolic has a half life of 4 hours, making it best for pre-workout phase and Cardarine has a half life of 24 hours that makes it perfect for endurance and fat oxidation in your bodies.

However, these are also used in the SARMs Stack.

Are There Any Side Effects?

Since Stenabolic does not have any androgenic or estrogenic hormones, it is safe for both males and females. It is even safe for people with overweight issues.

Where Can You Get Your Hands On Stenabolic?

SR9009 is readily available for purchase from research chemical firms. But I suggest you be very careful if you are ordering something like this online.

If you are working with the original product, then this would give you good overall experience and physical betterment. There are many sellers online but only go for the ones that are authentic and trusted.


Human beings have unlimited capabilities, but there are a few occasions when we feel helpless. One of such situations is when your body lacks strength, endurance, and advanced physical capabilities.

These could help you work hard and take our capabilities to the next level.

But since most of us remain unaware of the good medical supplements in the market, we tend to accept the fake reality and lead a life with our bodily limitations.

However, times have changed, and medical science has gone way far ahead to make up for these human limitations. As you read above about SR9009, there are good quality supplements that are highly capable of making us more capable in our day to day lives.

On the other hand, one must also bear in mind the newness of the compound and the need for further testing with human beings through research and trials. After all, our bodies are nature’s gift, and we must not bring any harm to it knowingly.

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