PhenQ Review – The Most Effective Slimming Pill Available

No matter how many diets are out there – Ketogenic, Paleo, Mediterranean and so many more – it is an uphill task to lose weight. I can tell you from my own experience since I have tried probably ten different types that diet alone is quite unable to get the job done.

Fat is the most stubborn thing to lose. It just will not go away regardless of how many hours you exercise and how strict a diet you follow. I had lost almost all hope of the losing the 20 lbs of flab I had gained mostly around my midsection when I came across PhenQ, a dietary supplement that works like a miracle.

No, I am not overstating it in the least and this is not a typical weight loss, before and after, story. PhenQ is the upgraded version of Phen375. It is manufactured by the Bauer Group who have so much confidence in its performance that they offer a 60-day money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied.

Do you need much else to be convinced of the efficacy? In this PhenQ review, we will focus laying down what this dieting pill is, how it works, ingredients it contains and side effects.

Need For PhenQ Weight Loss Supplement

The weight loss supplement industry was worth about $65 billion in the US alone in 2018. Our food habits have completely changed in the last century. At the turn of the 19th-century, sugar was not easily available. It was imported from India and the West Indies. Diet at that time was simple – bread, meat, soup, cereals, and some vegetables.

Compare that to now when the widespread availability of sugar has completely changed our dietary patterns. From breakfast to dinner there is some form of sugar or simple carbohydrate lurking in every type of food we eat (and that includes innocent ones like biscuits and saltines too).

High fructose corn syrup has made it even worse. This byproduct of corn is present in every commercially prepared fruit juice that is sold as 100% authentic and natural.

The result has been an exponential rise in obesity across much of the developed world that has led to all forms of diseases from cardiovascular problems to Type 2 Diabetes. Did you know that if you stopped consuming sugar your cholesterol would go down as you lost weight?

There has been for a long time the need for a high quality, trustworthy and genuine product such as PhenQ.

Weight loss is a classic Catch-22 situation. The talking heads would advise you to eat less and try and walk for 20 minutes a day at least. But if you are overweight and have no energy, your knee, and back constantly aches, then how are you going to walk for 20 minutes at a brisk pace? Should there not be something that accelerates weight loss initially?

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It is for this purpose that PhenQ is important. As you watch the bathroom scale tick down from 225 lbs to 220 in a week after use of PhenQ you are encouraged to adopt a healthy lifestyle, eat a balanced diet and try to take a walk around the block.

Nothing can begin in a vacuum, least of all something as stressful as weight loss.

Why Is PhenQ So Reputed?

PhenQ is a product made by a reputed health laboratory and is manufactured in the USA. Launched in 2015 the product gained an immediate reputation as a highly effective treatment of obesity. It is the successor to Phen375 and the inventors have tweaked their formula with new ingredients to make it perfect.

If you perform a casual search of PhenQ reviews on the web you will find there are innumerable positive reviews of this fat-burning aid. I decided to try it out for a few months to find if the results matched the promise, and was suitably impressed. To explain how it works first let me explain the ingredients of this magic pill.

Ingredients Of PhenQ

To produce a fat-burning effect PhenQ contains the following components


It is a product obtained from bell peppers, black pepper, and Vitamin B3. The compound has a thermogenic effect – that is it causes the body temperature to rise. This leads to a boost of the metabolic rate and the fat cells are dissolved by raising BMR.

Piperine, an alkaloid that is present in black pepper also makes the generation of new fat cells difficult. It has long been used in many types of traditional medicines.

Chromium picolinate

It is a type of mineral chromium that makes it possible to boost metabolism. Chromium picolinate is an essential ingredient of chromodulin that allows insulin to work effectively.

Normally the body is barely able to absorb chromium but chromium picolinate has far better rates of absorption and is a part of PhenQ.


Caffeine which is mostly present in coffee and to a lesser extent in tea is now a routine part of our daily lives. Caffeine contains antioxidants and as anyone who needs a cup of coffee to wake up in the morning will testify, can boost energy levels significantly.

Caffeine can block the action of the neurotransmitter adenosine and increase the amount of dopamine causing alertness. Our brain function is significantly increased by caffeine.

Calcium carbonate

Several studies have demonstrated that calcium carbonate is highly effective for weight loss. It sends a signal to the brain that the body has too much fat and the brain responds by ceasing to manufacture new fat cells.

Nopal seeds

Seeds from Nopal cactus help in weight loss and improving the health of the skin by removing wrinkles. It also improves digestive function and reduces inflammation. Some say it is also an effective cure for insomnia.

The phytochemicals present in Nopal seeds help to fight aging and removes antioxidants from the system. Not only that but the polyphenols present in the seeds can prevent cancer.


It is a naturally occurring amino acid that is a part of all good weight loss supplements. The energy of the body is produced in mitochondria which is present in every cell. L-Carnitine allows the easy transport of fatty acids to the mitochondria and allows it to work smoothly. More energy translates to more activity and allows the body to reduce weight.

L-Carnitine has also been shown to reduce the aging of the brain and reverse brain damage from Alzheimer’s disease. In a study involving alcoholics, it was shown to significantly raise their brain function over two months.

a-Lacys Reset

It is a patented formulation of Bauer Group made from blending Alpha Lipoic Acid and Cysteine. a-Lacys Reset stimulates the body to burn fat and its main function is to increase metabolism so that you are burning more energy even while you are asleep.

What Is The Effect Of PhenQ?

PhenQ allows your body to lose weight at a natural pace. It does not give a shock by reducing 10 pounds in a week. That would not be sustainable or healthy.

You need to reduce your weight gradually and steadily. Look at it this way – even if you lost 2 pounds a week, it adds up to a massive 104 pounds a year. The boost to metabolism is tapered and that prevents you from falling ill due to lowered immunity or having your hormones go crazy and make you agitated.

If you have taken several years to gain 50 pounds of weight is not allowing six months to reduce it a reasonable timeframe? 

Also losing weight fast would make your skin sag and look ugly. Losing weight makes it possible for your body to digest the skin by absorbing it back into your system gradually.  My personal experience with the use of PhenQ led to the following observations about its effects.

Accelerate metabolism

Some people are lucky to be thin lifelong without any effort. But how are they so thin even though they also consume high calories junk food like pizza and donuts?

It is because they have a high metabolism. Metabolism has two parts: anabolism and catabolism. Anabolism is the process of building up (muscles, tissues, bone, fat) and catabolism is the process of breaking it down.

When catabolism is less and anabolism is more a person grows overweight. We call this slowing down of metabolism, and it is pretty common after the age of 30.

PhenQ helps by raising your metabolic rates. The higher your metabolic rate the more fat you will burn and greater will be the energy you will have (which is why overweight people are generally less energetic than their slim counterparts).

Cease the creation of fat cells

Fat creation is complex. Whatever you eat becomes converted to blood sugar (literally the amount of sugar in the bloodstream). The cells consume what they can from this store of sugar and the rest is converted by insulin into fat and stored.

If you want to lose weight it is not only necessary for you to dissipate the old fat cells but stop making new ones.

PhenQ has this miracle effect by hindering the creation of new fat cells. This is why weight loss using PhenQ is sustainable in the long run and lost weight does not return. In case of most diets as soon as you stop the diet you pack on the pounds and go back to looking chubby.

Controls the appetite

Our appetite is a really complex mechanism. It is primarily the action of two hormones leptin and ghrelin. Ghrelin is the hunger hormone. When blood sugar drops ghrelin is secreted and it signals to the brain that the body needs food.

After we ingest food it takes at least 20 minutes to make its way to the bloodstream and then another hormone named leptin is secreted that signals the brain to stop eating.

But in reality, it does not work out that way. On your way back from work your friend offers you a delicious looking donut and dopamine, the pleasure hormone, comes into play and makes you take a bite (or four).

Before you know it, you have eaten 250 calories and will need to run for an hour to work that off.

PhenQ reins in your appetite.  By making sure that your blood sugar is at an optimum level it prevents you from eating when you shouldn’t.

Provides a great mood

Do not underestimate the role of mood. All of us know from personal experience that we tend to go on eating binges when we are melancholic and depressed.

PhenQ works on the brain to elevate the level of pleasure and puts you in a good mood naturally. You no longer feel the urge to stuff your mouth full of fat and carbs from French fries to feel upbeat.

What Results Did I Get?

When I began I was 223 lbs at the height of 5’ 8. Within a week my weight went to 218. It continued downwards at a steady 3 pounds a week. By the end of the fourth month, I was down to 173 pounds which is the normal weight at my age.

This was not all. The fact that the bathroom scale was moving down was such joy that I began to eat healthily and exercise.  I cut out all junk food and almost completely stopped consumption of alcohol. Also, I began an exercise routine with a simple 500-yard walk. By the end of the first month, I was able to run a mile slowly. At the end of four months, I was able to jog at a steady clip for three miles!

My legs and abdomen became toned and I lost a lot of sagging skin too. Due to weight loss, I looked about a decade younger and everyone complimented my new body.

This is not only my experience. After the first two months, I joined a gym and my friend Jonathan asked me about how I had reduced the first 20 pounds. I pointed him towards PhenQ. Jonathan is on month three and has lost 30 pounds.

After many years of being overweight when I was sort of resigned to my fate, PhenQ brought new hope to my life. As far as dosage goes it is really easy. Just have one pill with breakfast and go about your day as usual.

Where To Buy?

There is a fantastic offer for PhenQ. When you buy two you get one bottle free. It is available online from the manufacturer’s website. This also ensures that you get the real stuff and not counterfeit. This product is so successful that there are fakes galore.


I am really satisfied with PhenQ. I have shared my experience and wish that you would try it out just as I did. I am sure that you will be more than satisfied. PhenQ has no side effects and is a completely natural product made in the best facilities.

The use of PhenQ, of course, does not mean you can keep on eating unhealthy food as usual. Make a conscious effort to eat nutritious food and have a balanced diet and with hand on my heart, I promise you will lose weight quickly.

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