The 16 Best Foods that Increase Testosterone Levels Naturally

Testosterone is the male sex hormone that is produced by the testes and adrenal glands. It is present in both men and women (though women produce it in only trace quantities). I am going to discuss how it is easily possible to boost testosterone with a few simple changes to the diet.

Healthy levels of testosterone are associated with numerous benefits including having a virile sex life, maintenance of muscle mass, physical strength and overall wellness. In addition, testosterone helps in preventing the loss of calcium from the bone (osteoporosis) and in the production of red blood cells. 

Low testosterone levels may lead to immune deficiency and happen due to age or illness. Also, some men produce low testosterone due to congenital problems. 

After the age of 30, testosterone levels begin to drop off by 1-2% a year and become significantly low in men above 60 leading to what is popularly referred to as male menopause

There are numerous ways to address this deficiency and the most natural is through dietary adjustments. Several foods provide an impetus to the formation of testosterone in the body naturally, without any chemicals or supplements.

In my experience, foods that assist in this function are mostly those that are rich in zinc, and a variety of vitamins including A, B6, C, D, E, as well as Omega 3 fatty acids

Let me explain about the foods that boost testosterone in some detail so that it becomes easier for you to understand. 

Best Foods For Boosting Testosterone


This root vegetable is quite efficient at raising testosterone levels and improving fertility in males. Remember, I am not speaking of aphrodisiac properties. An aphrodisiac increases the desire to have sex, while testosterone makes it possible to have sex. There is quite a large difference.

People have used ginger to not only add to the taste of food but raise testosterone levels naturally for centuries. A 2012 study showed those taking ginger for 3 months increased testosterone levels by almost 18%

What are its other properties? 

  • It cures inflammation in the system
  • Ginger boosts the immune system
  • It lowers cholesterol naturally

Quite a lot of benefits actually. 


Oysters contain the greatest concentration of zinc among all foods that boost testosterone. If you have never had them before it can be a daunting task, especially eating raw oysters. With 21 mg of zinc per 100 grams, it is sure to boost your testosterone levels in a few short weeks. 

Besides oysters also contain chromium and selenium, two trace elements that are hard to find elsewhere. 


You can find 20 grams of high-quality lean protein in 100 grams of crab meat. More importantly, it contains 7 mg of zinc and 300 mg of Omega 3 fatty acids. It is best to have king crab because its meat is very low in saturated fat but in its absence, any other type of crab or lobster will also provide equal benefits. 


Mackerel is abundant in zinc. 100 grams of mackerel contains 4 mg of zinc. It is an ideal fish for maintaining high levels of testosterone. It also contains 2600 mg of Omega 3 fatty acids

It is not entirely known what role Omega 3 plays in testosterone production but it is suggested that the testicular cells require certain lipids (fats) as nutrients and Omega 3 is therefore essential. 

Red Meat

Due to the scare surrounding cholesterol, red meat has fallen somewhat out of favor in recent years. However, this is not completely true and lean cuts of red meat do not contain much cholesterol. What they do contain is a lot of zinc that combined with all the amino acids from protein is an ideal chemical cocktail for raising testosterone levels.

Beef is especially rich in zinc with 5 mg per 1100 grams. Calf liver contains even more at 12 mg. If beef is not your preferred choice then pork or lamb suffices equally well. Duck gizzard has 6 mg of zinc per 100 mg. 

Sunflower Seeds

It is not the type of food that we normally think of as a great supplement but sunflower seeds contain 4 mg of zinc in every 100 grams. Apart from ginger, in all the examples above, I have not included any plant-based food. Sunflower seeds are not only rich in zinc but also Vitamin E and selenium that are required ingredients of testosterone. Add it to your salads to make it more crunchy and give you raised T levels naturally. 

Sesame Seeds

It is a plentiful source of zinc providing 2 mg from only 3 spoonfuls. Take care to add some to your salads or roast them and grind them to a powder which can be added to any dish. 


Avocado contains large amounts of monounsaturated fat which are said to boost testosterone. Monounsaturated fats are rich in Vitamin E. This vitamin is an antioxidant and destroys free radicals in the body. Free radicals hamper the production of testosterone in healthy men. 


Besides cholesterol, Eggs are also filled with many beneficial fatty acids, which makes them one among the best foods that boost testosterone. Natural fats as well as selenium and Vitamin A, E and D are found in eggs. They also contain plenty of zinc that is crucial for testosterone production

Cholesterol possesses a similar molecular structure to testosterone.  Therefore it can be used by the body for conversion to the male hormone. All cholesterol is not bad and it is LDL cholesterol that has to be avoided. Eggs have an abundance of HDL cholesterol that is good for your health and metabolism


This wonderful looking red fruit has been used for centuries as a testosterone booster. It is high in Vitamin A, C, and E as well as several antioxidants. Research has found that a glass of pomegranate juice a day can raise testosterone levels from 16 to 30% and contribute to raised libido and better mood.

In spite of researchers focusing on pomegranate juice, I suggest that you consume the whole fruit instead. 

Olive Oil

Extra virgin olive oil is said to have enormous potential for increase of T levels. A study has discovered that those who consumed olive oil regularly for three weeks found an increase in testosterone level by 17 to 19%


The body mostly uses healthy, saturated fats to produce testosterone. Coconut oil is full of good cholesterol or HDL that is required for maintaining optimal health and boosting testosterone production. Antioxidants present in coconut oil boosts testosterone level significantly

Cruciferous Vegetables

Cauliflower is extremely competent at allowing the body to excrete excess estrogen and increase availability to testosterone to the cells. A chemical known as Indole-3 Carbinol is present in cruciferous vegetables such as broccoli and cabbage, and increases the amount of oestradiol in men, thus raising testosterone. 

Whey Protein

No matter if it comes from high-quality whey powder or cheddar cheese, whey protein has been shown to reduce cortisol or stress hormone. Reduction of stress leads to a natural increase in testosterone production

It is particularly helpful for those who are vegetarians and can’t consume a meat-based diet. A vegetarian diet has been shown to reduce testosterone production by 15% and whey protein can help restore some balance. Besides, it contains Vitamin D that is of immense help in this respect.


The presence of a chemical named allicin in garlic makes it possible to lower cortisol. This is able to provide the body with a great boost in testosterone production. Garlic is normally used for a healthy heart and arteries and boosting immunity. 


Passionflower contains a flavonoid known as chrysin. Chrysin has been known for increasing quality of sperm in rats. It is available as extracts to be taken in the form of tea or mixed into juice. The human body, however, might not be able to absorb chrysin very well


There is another piece of advice I would like to add at the end. Not only must you have food that boosts testosterone but also stop having food that reduces it. This type of destructive food includes simple sugars such as white bread, pasta, and sugary drinks. 

Besides, you have to ensure that your exposure to the sun is adequate and at least 10 to 20 minutes daily. This allows your body to synthesize Vitamin D, that is a key ingredient of testosterone

A stress-free life is also of huge benefit. For some reason, testosterone takes a huge beating if one is under duress. The best way to relieve oneself of stress is to exercise and go for long walks or a swim that calms and soothes the nerves. 

It is but natural that with age or under some conditions testosterone production would decrease but with the right diet as I suggested,  you could correct it easily.

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