Dianabol (Dbol) Review – Learn More About Dbol Cycle, Side Effects and Results

Dianabol is the brand name of the anabolic steroid metandienone (also known as methandrostenolone and methandienone). In the several years that I have spent studying about steroids, it has become evident to me that it is one of the finest steroids discovered.

Metandienone was discovered by CIBA a Swiss pharma company in 1955. The US patent was filed in 1957 and the drug was brought to market in 1958. Its intended pharmaceutical use was for the rehabilitation of burn victims and elderly by aiding muscle growth.

In the late 40s and 50s, Soviet athletes were the dominant force at the Olympics. The principal reason for this huge success was the use of testosterone by Soviets to make their athletes stronger and faster. 

This did not remain a secret for long. An American physician, John Bosley Ziegler, who worked with the US weightlifting team in Vienna, collaborated with CIBA to develop Dianabol after his own experiments with testosterone did not produce desired results. 

US athletes who used Metandienone became better in very little time compared to their Soviet competitors and set several new records at the Olympics. 

Dianabol soon became a phenomenally popular steroid among athletes due to its ability to assist muscle growth. Those who have been part of the bodybuilding circle know that is extensively used and is a commonplace AAS (anabolic-androgenic steroid). 

Although the prevailing wisdom is that one should not use anabolic agents, it is usual for those aiming to be professional bodybuilders and strength athletes (weightlifters, discus throwing, wrestlers, etc) to take the aid of some type of synthetic steroid. 

Dianabol helps to build muscle mass and also cuts fat making it a reliable choice as an off-season anabolic substance. The off-season is the period when athletes especially bodybuilders concentrate on gaining mass and add enormous size to their body.

Metandienone became a Schedule III controlled substance in the USA and was taken off the market by CIBA in 1983 due to pressure from the FDA (Food and Drug Administration). It has since then not been manufactured in the USA but it is quite easy to obtain it from many other parts of the world.

Like most anabolic substances Dianabol is a modified form of testosterone and has an anabolic rating of 210 meaning that it is twice as potent as testosterone. 

How Does Dianabol Work?

The effect of Dianabol in the body is at several different levels. It works principally by increasing the amount of protein synthesis inside the body and bringing about more muscle growth. Due to its effect muscle tissues are created and repaired at a greater rate thus providing visibly improved results in quite short periods of time such as a few months. This is not the only effect since it also increases nitrogen retention inside the cells. 

It is a well-known fact that the more nitrogen that is stored in the body the greater is the anabolic effect. It is extremely significant since it allows the body to utilize the complete amount of protein that is ingested for muscular development. Apart from this Dianabol is good at allowing the use of ingested carbohydrates for energy. This allows an athlete to have greater energy for longer and more taxing workouts. 

The usual route for Dianabol administration is oral since it has an additional methyl group in the 17th position. This characteristic allows it to be able to survive the process of digestion and be assimilated into the body from the intestines. The possibility of androgenic side effects such as male pattern baldness and acne is greatly reduced as Metandienone has a double bond at the first and second carbon atoms. 

Dianabol is truly unique since it not only enhances strength but also is able to bring about a considerable increase in endurance and stamina thus allowing an athlete to augment overall physical fitness.

How To Use Dianabol?

The vast majority of anabolic steroids on the market today have to be either taken as oral pills or through intramuscular injections. Dianabol is no exception to this rule but the more popular way is to take it orally. It is not degenerated by the digestive process due to the reasons previously discussed. The most prevalent doses are 30 mg to 60 mg per day and over a period ranging from 4 to 6 weeks. 

In most of these cycles, Dianabol is used in conjunction with another compound such as testosterone enanthate which acts as an accelerator and heightens the effect of the steroid. It is not advisable to use it for longer cycles due to it being a 17α-alkylated compound that has a harmful effect on the liver in the long run and also raises cholesterol levels. 

In my experience, shorter Dianabol cycles of 3 to 4 weeks are possible by stacking it with a fast-acting compound such as testosterone propionate. 

Metandienone has a reasonably short half-life of 3 to 5 hours and the best effect can be obtained by dividing the daily dose into several 5-8 mg doses to maintain an effective blood serum level. 

I would also advise you to ingest Dianabol with food since that reduces nausea if any. 

Observed Side Effects Of Dianabol

Every performance-enhancing drug comes with side effects and Dianabol is no exception to this rule and prolonged consumption can endanger the body. 

The purpose of this Dianabol review is not only to make the reader familiar with the amazing beneficial effects of Dianabol but also to warn about a few potential side effects that can be detected in some. The phenomenal gains that are possible by using the drug have to be weighed against the possibility of these problems and an informed decision must be taken by any user. 

The side effects are variable and do not occur in everyone. The most prominent among these are estrogenic effects though some studies have claimed that androgen to estrogen conversion by the aromatase enzyme (CYP 19), under the influence of Dianabol, is less than that observed in many other steroids.

Water Retention

The most commonly observed side effect is water retention in tissues. This happens since the body absorbs and stores large amounts of water in fat cells below the superficial layer of skin. Water retention is a common side effect of most steroids and happens almost overnight. 

Metandienone is converted to estradiol inside the body and leads to an increase of fluid retention. The ugly and bloated look destroys muscle definition and has to be controlled either by going off steroids or careful use of diuretics such as furosemide. 


Water retention invariably causes hypertension. The volume of blood increases due to there being more fluid in the body. Also, the increased amount of water in tissues makes it difficult for the heart to pump blood efficiently as capillaries and smaller blood vessels become narrower due to the mechanical pressure of the surrounding tissue. 

This makes the heart contract to a greater degree and causes the rise of blood pressure. At all times of the cycle, the blood pressure has to be monitored and kept within reasonable limits through the use of peripheral vasodilators such as amlodipine besylate. If uncontrolled this situation can lead to a sudden heart attack and may be fatal.

Liver Problems

One of the most important advantages of Dianabol is that it can be ingested orally. That also means it has to be metabolized by the liver. Metandienone puts increased stress on the hepatic system and may cause toxicity leading to hepatitis and in some cases cirrhosis

It is crucial to consume some form of natural liver supplements such as milk thistle, raw papaya (for papain) and dandelion roots. The toxicity of the hepatic system has to be prevented by continued testing every week for raised levels of bilirubin

Unwanted Hair

Since Dianabol is converted into dihydrotestosterone inside the body it brings about all the secondary effects of the hormone too such as the growth of hair on most parts of the body. This is why it is not particularly popular among female athletes. 


It is not uncommon to develop male breasts due to a condition known as gynecomastia due to consuming Dianabol. It is partially converted to estrogen inside the body and leads to deposits of fat in the pectoral region that is extremely embarrassing. 

Relative Advantages And Disadvantages Of Dianabol

It is not possible to deny the advantages of Metandienone for strength athletes. Its efficacy has been proven over several decades. But as I pointed out above there are also some potential problems. That is why it is best to study the positives and negatives side by side and use it with caution and never in excessive and experimental doses. 

Benefits Of Dianabol Use

  • A rapid gain of muscle mass;
  • Increased rate of BMR or basal metabolic rate allowing fat to be metabolized;
  • Reduce fatigue levels and recover faster from workouts;
  • Improved glycogenesis and better utilization of carbohydrates;
  • General improvement of overall fitness levels;

Disadvantages Of Danabol Use

  • May lead to an increase of low-density lipoprotein leading to higher cholesterol levels;
  • Development of fatty tissue deposits causing gynecomastia;
  • B ring about the heart and cardiovascular problems;
  • Possibility of damage to the hepatic system;
  • Excessive accumulation of water which destroys definition;
  • Development of acne on face and back;
  • Reduction of production of natural testosterone in Leydig cells;
  • Insomnia and mental disturbance which is known as “roid rage”;
  • The gains fade as soon as one goes off-cycle and withdraws the administration of Dianabol;

Growth Using Dianabol

What type of growth can I expect from Dianabol is a question that many bodybuilders ask me. It is possible to gain several pounds of muscle over a six week period. In the first week, there is possibly a gain of 4 to 6 pounds. 

At the end of a month, you could gain as much as 20 pounds. After a month the progress slows slightly and at the end of six weeks, you could be bulkier by up to 30 pounds. 

It has to be remembered that 15% of this is water weight so actual gains possible is about 25 pounds most of which is muscle.

Dianabol has an immediate effect on your workouts. From day four onwards you can expect to find you can exert more at the gym without becoming tired. The intensity of your workouts will be markedly improved by the end of the first week.

As time passes your body adapts to using Dianabol more efficiently and you will find you are bigger and harder. The 350-pound bench press that seemed impossible before would become a daily feature of your workouts

Of course, the intake has to be accompanied by sufficient first-class proteins such as lean chicken breast and tuna. You need proper fuel to power your workouts. 


Many find that Anadrol or Oxymetholone to be as effective as Dianabol. Nevertheless, Anadrol has significant side effects. It is not only the first synthetic steroid but due to its basic molecular structure also the most effective.

Its best effect is when you have plateaued and need to break out of a rut. However, study up all the available medical literature before use of the drug and be sure to have a post cycle therapy plan using clomiphene in place to bring your testosterone production back to normal once you end the use.

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