Cardarine Review – Everything You Need To Know

Cardarine or GW501516 is a PPAR-δ (peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor delta) that was concurrently developed by GlaxoSmithKline and Ligand Pharmaceuticals in 1992 for treatment of different metabolic and cardiovascular diseases. In 2007 research showed that Cardarine dramatically enhanced both endurance and strength in mice.

GSK suspended its research into Cardarine (also known as Endurbol in the back market) but the drug continued to attract increasing attention in the bodybuilding world.

I have been extremely intrigued by the drug for a long while and decided to write about my own experiences here after using it for four months.

PPAR agonists such as Cardarine have a beneficial side effect that is of much interest to strength athletes. Like SARMs they activate the androgen receptors of muscle tissue and cause growth beyond what is commonly achievable. It is a fascinating product and there are many myths out there. I believe it is time to set the record straight with a first-hand account.

This Cardarine review is specifically written to enlighten you on what to expect from using this supplement. Will it give you value for your hard-earned money? Let’s see.

What Does Cardarine Do Inside The Body?

Cardarine is known as an activator of the PPAR-delta pathway. Therefore it is known as a PPAR-agonist. SARMs are also PPAR-agonists and hence the confusion that Cardarine is a SARM drug.

Greater activity of the PPAR-delta pathways results in an increase in energy, fat reduction, and the formation of muscle mass. Since there is an excess of PPAR-delta pathway in muscle cells, Cardarine plays an influential role in building muscle size and acts in an anabolic manner without being a steroid. Not only does it build muscle but also makes the heart healthy by reducing LDL cholesterol, and raising metabolism. There are also reports that Cardarine boosts immunity and prevents weariness.

Peope mistakenly think that Cardarine is a SARM. The reality is far from that. As stated before Cardarine is not a SARM. It imitates the effects of exercise since exercise activates PPAR pathways. SARMs, on the other hand, mimic the effects of testosterone.

Legal Status Of Cardarine

Cardarine is not approved for use in humans. GSK never proceeded to human trials. It is also a banned substance and on WADA blacklist. However, from 2008, it has enjoyed enormous popularity and there is covert use of Cardarine among bodybuilders. It is widely available via the internet, though it is not legally manufactured or imported.

What Are The Benefits Of Cardarine?

With conventional effort, there is so much that we can achieve. After several years of bodybuilding, I still had a rather puny look. That is why I decided to try out Cardarine and find if there are any improvements.

No matter how hard you train, there will be a time when you will say “I can do this much and no more”. I had reached that point and was ready to try something new.

Why not try out the helping hand that Cardarine extends, I thought. Many of my friends were skeptical about what I might help get from a pill, but I had absolute faith.

As a bodybuilder, I was interested in only three effects and I am happy to say I was not disappointed at all.

  • Increase of muscle mass and reduction of fat
  • Increase of strength
  • Increase in endurance

Research has shown that Cardarine activates those genes that target fat burning. Not only that but it also raises the expenditure of energy. Taken together this creates a situation where you can quite easily decrease fat with not much effort. The use of fat as an energy source helps obese people to slim down swiftly and without any harmful side effects.

Alongside that Cardarine also diminishes fat from the liver and normalizes insulin levels. Some studies have shown a drop in cholesterol by 30% due to use of Cardarine.

How Does Cardarine Reduce Fat?

The function of Cardarine is to prevent the formation of fatty acids. In other words, it prevents the build-up of fatty tissue and uses what is present as an energy source. This makes the body enter the starvation mode and it uses its own resources for energy. It is to be noted that during this drop in weight there is no reduction of muscle tissue but only adipose cells.

Since Cardarine is not a stimulant it does not produce a lot of energy followed by a crash soon afterward. It is also non-toxic and does not mess with the body’s mechanism, unlike SARMs. Consequently, there is little need for post-cycle therapy.

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Quick Repair Of Tissue

Cardarine vastly augments the rate at which muscle tissue repairs itself after a workout. Since Cardarine promotes a healthy liver, recovery time reduced. This allowed me to push myself in every workout because I did not have to worry about an extended recovery period.

It is an important bit of information that you can stack Cardarine with SARMs for double the benefit. The bioavailability of the drug is very high at 80% which means the body uses most of what you ingest. That allowed me to use relatively small doses of the drug yet obtain superb effects.

Beneficial Effect On The Brain

Cardarine succeeds in preventing oxidative damage to brain cells. It increases the flow of blood to the brain and since it is a PPAR-agonist it helps regenerate nerve cells.

Effect On The Cardiovascular System

The fact that Cardarine has a positive impact on oxidative stress is very promising. The development of Cardarine is the major cause of cardiovascular problems and buildup of plaque in arteries. Studies have shown that Cardarine includes the formation of new blood vessels in the heart and aids in the release of NO or nitrous oxide. NO dilates blood vessels and lessens the strain on the heart.

Effect On Kidneys

Due to the activation of the PPAR pathway Cardarine can clear the kidney of toxins and prevent inflammation. By protecting against kidney disease it improves life span and ability to expel waste materials.

Effect On Liver

The liver is the main chemical processing plant of the body. It has several important functions among which the most important are the formation of amino acids and the regulation of fat stores. Due to the action of Cardarine, liver cells switch to metabolizing fat cells instead of readily available blood glucose. It dramatically lowers insulin resistance and allows quick digestion of carbohydrates.

Possible Side Effects Of Cardarine

Almost all of us are quite well conversant with the horror stories that accompany regular use of steroids for bodybuilding. Damage to the hepatic system and the general malaise of the body always seem to follow the use of anabolic substances. That is why most who are in the gym because they love their health maintain a healthy distance from strong stuff like Stanozolol and Dianabol.

But what about modern drugs that do the same without any really big side effects. We are always interested in those. Since you may be encouraged after reading this article to use Cardarine I must point out whatever small side-effects it has.

If you are healthy, to begin with, and use Cardarine as prescribed there should not be any side effects. That does not mean there are no potential side effects. If you decide to follow in my footsteps and use Cardarine, I want you to make an informed decision.

Far-reaching research has shown that there are some side effects on mice. Cardarine could at times cause liver damage in them. This means if you have ever had any hepatic problems such as jaundice you should probably not use Cardarine. Also, pregnant women should stay away from its use.

Back in 2007, GSK had also found that a potential side effect could be cancer. Remember this was a study done on mice and no human testing was done.

It is imperative to remember that these are just what can happen to mice. No corresponding studies on humans are available and as far as is known it does not have severe side effects on humans.

What Is The Dosage Of Cardarine?

I had been urged to take no more than 20 mg. I began with 10 mg a day and worked my way up to 15 mg. The most convenient fact is it needs to be taken once a day, preferably at breakfast. If you are an amateur bodybuilder or someone looking to lose weight, a dosage of 15 mg is enough for you.

Serious athletes and professional bodybuilders consume 20 mg in two doses of 10 mg each. One of those doses is right before a workout.

The half-life of Cardarine is between 16 and 24 hours. Therefore some professionals prefer to split their daily dosage into two and maintain a steady blood serum level of at least 12 mg at all times.

The use of Cardarine like that of SARMs requires a 12-week cycle. There is however no need to get on a post cycle therapy to resume the regular functioning of your testosterone creation. There is no evidence of side effect on testicles and long use of several months is not unknown. I used it for a 16-week cycle with no observable side effects such as baldness or gynecomastia.

Mode Of Use

You can use Cardarine in a variety of ways –

  • Stack it with SARMs
  • As part of post cycle therapy of SARM
  • Combine it with steroids

I strongly oppose the use of a dangerous steroid. I took it without stacking and received great results. My energy level was elevated and I was able to complete intensive workouts after the first week of use. I had a tremendous amount of stamina and that made this drug an instant favorite of mine. Who does not like to keep going in the gym and recover overnight?

The gains I made from Cardarine, has been durable. After coming off the cycle, I did not lose any of the gains. In all, I gained 12 pounds of muscle in three months and that is not a small amount at all after being stuck at a plateau for years.

Success Stories

Inspired by my gains others at my gym also tried it out. I will relate a couple of these stories.

James is 28 years old and an amateur bodybuilder. Since he had no wish to become a professional he did not wish to take steroids. But he had been stuck on a plateau for two years with no gain in mass and was about to throw in the towel and give up competing.

After watching me grow in front of his eyes he decided to give Cardarine a try. He is in the second month of his
cycle and has already gained four pounds. This has been without any loss of muscle definition whatsoever.

Rory is an avid exercise enthusiast who likes to do cross-training at my gym. He is a cyclist and does 2-3 weight workouts every week to improve this strength. His primary workout remains about twenty kilometers on the bike every day.

For the last eight months, Rory had been feeling tired and washed out. He had no energy left and did not push himself as he had previously. I recommended Cardarine and inside a month Rory was back in the saddle. His training had a new vigor that he could not imagine before.


For those of you, my friends, who are looking for a clean alternative to steroids, Cardarine is the answer to your prayers. It has a concrete impact on your health and increases your strength and endurance far beyond what you thought possible.

It has been a favorite of bodybuilders for over a decade and now I understand why. We all want a boost at times to push past a sticking point and Cardarine is an excellent choice for that.

Whether you want to bulk or cut it allows you to achieve your true potential with almost no side effects. But keep in mind that you should not abuse it and try and stay at all times within the recommended dosage limits.

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