Fleshlight Review: Is It The Ultimate Male Sex Toy?

Usually I stick to books and technology but today I thought I would review my latest purchase: the Fleshlight.

First, what is a Fleshlight you ask?

It is a male sex toy / pleasure product that feels like a real vagina / pussy when penetrated. It’s made with a trademarked Super-Skin material that the makers say is the Key to “simulating the feel of real sex” and the feel of real skin. It comes in a case that looks like a giant flashlight that’s fitted with an air control system that allows you to configure the “right” ammount of suction while you use the product.

Fleshlight Review: Let’s go deep

The Fleshlight has always intrigued me. Whenever I would see an ad for the product, I would wonder what it really felt like. Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m in a loving relationship but sex toys in the bedroom never hurt. So how does this one stack up?

First, to get the best feel out of your Fleshlight, soak in warm water 5-10 minutes before use. You’ll find that not only does this give it a very nice warm to the touch feeling, it feels even better when you penetrate the sleeve (Credit: warm sleeve tip from Fleshlight Expert).

There are a variety of sleeves — the pink Super-Skin interior — you can get ranging from the starter models right up to ones that give the ultimate sensations with ribbed and dotted textures within the sleeve. I got a combo pack. And, if the taste strikes you, you can even select a sleeve modeled straight from the vagina of a celebrity or porn star. I’m not kidding, see the Fleshlight Girls here.

How to use the Fleshlight

Once you sleeve is warm, place it back into the case, use the cap the set just the right amount of suction you want. This is a feature that actually works and based upon the setting you choose you can actually feel like pull and tug just like a tight pussy. Place a generous amount of lube at the entrance of the sleeve as well as on yourself. The right amount of lube really helps intensify the pleasure but make sure it’s not too much since you still want to be able to feel every inch of your new sex toy.

The next step is the easiest: penetrate and enjoy to your heart’s content.

So what does the Fleshlight feel like?

I have to say, it was better than I could have ever imagined. When warm, it really feels extremely close the real thing. You can feel the walls, ribs and textures of the sleeve wrapped around your cock with each stroke. And the suction control helps you alter how much resistance you want to feel as you go.

Of course, if you’ve been having sex with your partner while wearing a condom, this will be leaps and bounds ahead of it and you can ejaculate every last drop into it without a worry about getting anyone pregnant!

Clean-up is also a breeze since you simply wash and air-dry it. I’ve also found that using a bit of powder helps dry it that much quicker since it absorbs the moisture. Once dry, you can place it back into the case for discreet storage.

The Best Deal on a Fleshlight

The best part is the Fleshlight ships right to your door in discreet packaging and they always have some great deals going on including a Fleshlight discount code to get you even more sleeves to experiment with.

If this Fleshlight review doesn’t make you want to order one, nothing will. See ALL current deals like the 2-for-1 steal here collected in one place.